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When Faced With Adversity Focus On The Solution, Not The Problem. Our approach to helping clients is straightforward — always set realistic expectations.

     Many people believe if they have not done anything wrong, they have nothing to worry about. Therefore a sudden-unexpected prosecution against them (which may happen to anyone) finds them absolutely unprepared. But we are prepared to act in behalf of them! Our aim is to provide the very best counsel to our clients in criminal cases and we will be as objective as possible about their options.Criminal Law in Western Greece

     In any criminal case we start your options from now on.
     You had never thought it could happen to you. But it happened. Suddenly you findyourself charged with a criminal offence or you are a victim of an omission or an act in violation of penal law that somebody caused  to you.It seems difficult to find the way out of this difficult situation.

    May be this is the right time to take the decision for a new page in your life.

    It started because you said something or because you did something......Or because you are a victim of something that somebody else said or did against you.Whatever might happened to you now you must face it within a clear mind and take the right decisions for your life from now on. So in any criminal case we start with your options from now on...



                                                      FAMILY LAW

     Something More For You and Your Beloved People Than Just  Representation To The Courtrooms!
     With more than 25 years of legal experience, our law firm (consisted of a team of skilled law attorneys) can assure you that every family law matter is unique.We are used to face each family-problem under the particular circumstancesandconditions it appears. 

  Famiy LawFamiy Law    Over allthese past years we help men and women, fathers and mothers (and grandparents several times) to find logical and legal solutions that are customized to their particular needs.

     Each time we are hired for a family law case we handle with sensitivity and do our best not to offer just representation to the courtroom (for the current legal problem) but to find together with our clients who trust us lifesolutions that will help them (and their families and  children) throughout their daily life. We have in mind always that the courtroom and the judicial resolutionis only thelast resort in legal matters such as Divorce (contested and uncontested) - Property division or other disputes between former spouses,disagreements for the attribution of Parental Responsibility-child custody and support ,visitation rights, place of Residence of a child or matters relating to the financial obligations (spousal support etc) .

     We do not hesitate to discuss and negotiate with the other party to find reasonable solutions. However, if the opposite party is isolated behind a wall or behaves cotrary to legislation or even to logic then the courtroom is obviously the only solution. But even if the problem must be addressed through the Greek Family court, our clients must be confident  because they will have legal counsel that will stand firm on their behalf.
 Lefkada Family LawLefkada Family Law



An auto or vehicle accident can happen to anyone - we all depend on auto transport to some extent- so no matter how careful or responsible we may be, any of us could be involved in a car accident. Motor accident claims  is a main part of the services offered by our Law Firm. Our office provides legal advice and representation to Greek Courts when they have a legal dispute after a car (motor) accident.In an effort to help our clients as best as possible, our legal team is prepared to handle a variety of car accident claims, including driver errors, reckless driving, speeding, no-fault accidents, drunk driving, pedestrian accidents, wrongful death, highway defects, insurance claims, car defect-malfunction.


Car accident law is a main part of our legal services.

We provide legal services in car accident law which is a part of our personal injury law-services dealing with bodily injuries and property damages that generally result from motor vehicle accidents.

Millions of people use Western Greece's roads and highways yearly, and (as it happens everywhere in the planet) while a majority of them consider the importance of driving safely, a minority (unfortunately) fail to understand this by driving irresponsibly. As a result a number of accidents occur each year, causing devastating injuries and losses to victims and their families. Auto accidents can be traumatic.Not only proper medical care but also legal advice is crucial to both recovery and being adequately compensated. Car accidents represent the majority of personal injury claims.Car accident litigation follows in Greece the law of negligence. Someone is negligent if he or she failed to use reasonable care under the circumstances (speeding, making an unsafe lane change, running a stop sign or red light, driving without regard to weather conditions etc) that existed at the time of the accident. If a person is found to be negligent, he or she is required to pay personal or property damages associated with the negligent act.

The burden rests on the plaintiff or injured party, to prove the defendant was negligent and the proximate cause of the accident and injury. When the liability in the case is established, the injured individual may generally be entitled to receive compensation for injuries, medical expenses, damages, pain and suffering and lost earnings.

Our aim is to make our clients feel safer for their legal rights while driving in Greece and to get what they deserve if they have been involved in a car accident.Our aim is to reduce the painful consequences of a traffic crash onto their property and life.



Protecting Your Loved Ones!Law Firms Lefkada Family Law

     Let's Protect together the People of your Life! As it is said by all legal advisors in the world if there is one legal document you should have this  is a will. Our Law firm from this page will repeat the same advice.

     We continiously advise that any adult no matter what age, should have a will. Making your Will is the only way to be ensured  that your property and your  lifetime's work is passed on to the people you choose. If you haven't already recorded your last will, do it now because you never know what tomorrow may bring.



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Our legal services to sellers and purchasers

One of the main legal services of our firm is our real estate.We can provide sound legal counseling related to real estate to ensure a valid and legal transaction.We perform title searches in the Public Registry (or the lokal Registry Offices) for investors nationals or foreign, who wish to acquire properties in Lefkada or in Western Greece.We provide legal advice to sellers and purchasers for any kind of purchase, contracts to sale or acquire land, as well as construction contacts, leases (in harmony with the local law),constitutions of horizontal property of buildings etc.


translation_of_English-documentationtranslation_of_English-documentation    Certified Foreign Documents Translation

     Continiously our foreign clients in their legal daily Life in Lefkada (and Greece) are required to present foreign documentation that is not written in Greek language.

     In these cases they must provide a Greek translation made by an approved translation service.Such approved service is considered by the Greek Legislation an established attorney.Additionally Greek authorities and Greek organizations sometimes require that the foreign documentation that is not written in Greek language be authenticated before they will accept them (note: any photocopies of original documents can be authenticated -however, they must be certified true copies).

     Our office builds Life relations with our clients and serves them to all parts of their interests in Greece.

     Our translations ( according to Greek legislation ) are stamped and stapled together with the documents submitted for translation so as to constitute a single set of documents.



The Greek Judicial System

Judicial System Introduction

Procedure before Civil Courts

Procedure Before Criminal Courts

Arbitration in Greece Domestic and International

Order for Payment





Hortis Lwa FirmHortis Lwa Firm


What Makes A Successful Lawyer?


People these days choose their lawyer very carefully. They usually do not want to waste their time and money by hiring a bad lawyer.

There are some things that every lawyer need to posses to be successful.

Legal careers and legal jobs are becoming one of the most dynamic and rewarding career choice; as our legal system has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Either minor or major, we need legal expertise and guidance for every right that we possess.

We live in an information age, where people are aware of their fundamental rights and duties, so lawyers and other legal professionals must know how to have success for a client. A meaningful law career that solves client's needs, leads not only to career satisfaction and a sense of achievement; but, it also can result in a high income earning potential.

When you get into the legal careers you should always look forward to make fast developments in your career.


There are certain qualities that can help you boost your law career.


A legal professional is bound to have exemplary communication skills.

Communication skills cover your written, oral and listening skills.

Empathic and Rational: Being empathic in the legal profession means the capacity to understand and know emotionally what a client has experienced and the ability to put oneself in clients' shoes.

Creative Thinking:

Legal professionals must have the ability to find what is hidden and present the best choices for their clients.

Broad Knowledge:

One needs to have expert knowledge in their area to work in any profession, but in this is especially so in the legal profession.
The top legal professional must not only master the legal knowledge of the sector he represents but also he must gain the knowledge vital to the industry itself.

If you work for or represent some industry firm you must have good knowledge of that industry business.


Legal ethics demand strict confidentially with your client. If you cannot observe this basic cannon, then you cannot find success in the legal profession.


There is a saying that "A Lawyer would do anything to win a case." Commitment is required in any and every legal profession. Fighting and winning a case for a client is most important goal.


It is said rightly that "He is not a lawyer who can't take two sides". There are no friends or foes in legal profession; one must say the right words at the right place and the right time.


Successful lawyer in legal profession must be persuasive. It requires a great amount of skill and practice to persuade a judge, jury or even client to your position.


If you don't succeed at first, try again; you will not get your way the first time around. Lawyer must be persistent and learn to be patient. We know that "Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet." (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

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